The scope of this project was to revive an old Cycladic “rooms to let” facility and reveal its natural charm and potential. Our challenge was to formulate a strategy of intervening, such that it felt that the place has always been this way. To achieve this we employed traditional materials and techniques and we designed back in the office only the main items within the space, letting the “in between” gaps to be filled in on site as the project evolved. We acted more as “naïve” architects building by sketching or giving direct instructions to the crews. Light, air, and the relation to the sea, were the main trajectories that directed our decisions. Beachhouse Antiparos is a small beachside hotel located in the calm bay of Apantima, in the island of Antiparos, Cyclades. The entrance is flanked by a sculpture by artist Latifa Echakhch. Hotel facilities include 9 suites, a beach restaurant and bar, yoga platform with exterior showers and changing room, massage area, pop up shop and concierge. There is also a shaded beach area with pergolas and an olive grove with a tree house for the kids.