A temporary installation for the ReMap 4 Info Point. ReMapKM is a biannual contemporary art platform. Since its first launch in 2007, it has become known for its participatory, collaborative and discovering nature, hosting a unique variety of projects presented by artists, curators, institutions and galleries from across the world.

The courtyard of the old Athenian house, and particularly the courtyards that were communal and shared by more than two houses, constituted the private outdoor space of the city. These courtyards functioned as links between the surrounding houses, and the activities within them were vital and vivid: one could isolate oneself from city life, socialize with friends and family, relax, wash and hang clothes, dine, celebrate, tend the garden. 

The ReMap4 info point inhabits in a courtyard with elements assembled from reusable building materials such as wood planks used for scaffolding, concrete blocks, construction lights with cages, cables and wires. These elements are temporarily recomposed and redefined in order to revive the spirit of the old Athenian courtyard as a container of outdoor private life. 

 The use of building materials denotes that something new and innovative is about to take place.