The property is located in one of the more architecturally interesting areas in Nicosia and is itself characterized by an impressive example of eclectic architecture and an uncommonly large garden area.

Our aim was to highlight the unique attributes of the original house, while creating a contemporary volume that organizes the exterior area through subtle movements. The two structures are connected through a third element, a glass volume; the “sunroom” which serves as a multipurpose space for the house. The transition between the levels of the existing house, the new structure and the pool level is seamless. A third volume is also created on the northern side of the property facing the new main structure, which engulfs the exterior activity, offering better privacy for the occupants.

The eclectic house hosts the close family activity while the lower level (basement) hosts part of the support spaces. At the main level, the sunroom can be used as a shaded area in front of the pool year around, or as a large dinning room for family functions or bigger gatherings, offering flexibility in table arrangements. This space overlooks the exterior living space and serves as a transition from the old to the new structure, which is almost fully dedicated in entertaining and recreational spaces (TV room, guest rooms, gym, etc.)

The materiality chosen for the new volume stems from the Old Nicosia architecture with its traditional use of limestone and mud bricks. Many of the wealthy estates were traditionally built with the Nicosia limestone and mud bricks have been used in certain examples for latter extensions. Our proposal suggests for the new extension to be built out of lime-washed bricks, so as to differentiate clearly but subtly from the old villa. A lot of effort has also been placed into controlling the heat and the light, especially in the new structure. Larger windows are placed towards the northern exposure bringing in comfortable light and opening up the building towards the interior of the plot. At the same time, a corridor on the western side of the building keeps the western exposure at bay, while offering extra privacy.