The project deals with the renovation of a 30 year old vacation house located in Mykonos island.

The existing house has gradually grown through the years with several additions and extensions of rooms leading to a charming but complex assembly of spaces. Although it has many picturesque qualities due to its organic growth it lacks good circulation and hierarchy of interior and exterior spaces.

In that context we were asked to intervene and rearrange, punctually, some interior and exterior spaces in order to render them more useful and usable while respecting the existing Cycladic character of the house. The property is planned to be seasonally rented, so aspects of publicness were important parameters we had to take into consideration.

Our strategy was that of acupuncture -we focused on small changes with maximum impact. We enlarged some of the existing spaces introducing hierarchy and rearranged others in order to use space in its most potential. With the design of balconies, terraces in different levels and circulation we created gradients of publicness in order to accommodate different visitor scenarios.

Regarding the finishes, we proposed a twist towards modern aesthetics that blend with the Cycladic traditional style, creating a combination of old and new elements that coexist in equilibrium. The existing wood ceilings, rough textured walls and marble detailing were complimented with a white steel pergola, terrazzo in the interior flooring and a fresh, aqua color for the timber widows and shutters.