APS House is a summer house, studio and artist residence, on Greece’s Antiparos Island. Located on the southwestern side of the island, APS House faces the protected archaeological island of Despotikon and sits amidst cycladic suburbia, subdivided in the Seventies.

The architecture is focused on the essentials: light, flow, proportions and materiality. The structure consists of five square volumes laid out across two levels; alternating covered terraces and courtyards block the views of the neighboring lots, while framing the view of Despotikon. The porous layout provides multiple scenarios of use and continuously connects the in and outdoors, while the simple geometry nods to the surroundings.

From sourcing local materials to implementing energy-efficient systems, the house was designed with careful consideration for the environment. Solar energy was harnessed for hot water and heating, openings and pergolas were strategically placed to contribute to cross-ventilation and provide thick natural shading respectively. Together, these strategies contribute to low energy consumption. A rainwater collection tank is below the central lower terrace of the house to maximize the house’s water autonomy. This, in combination with the absence of a pool, addresses the pressing issue of water scarcity in the cycladic islands.

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